Rekayasa Perangkat Lunak – 12 List Jurnal


Kelompok 4 : Software Testing

Tema             : Test Techniques

Sub-Tema    : Fault-Based Techniques

List jurnal referensi :

1.    Finding Bugs in Web Applications Using Dynamic Test Generation and Explicit-State Model Testing

2.    We’re finding most of the bugs, but what are we missing

3.    Software Assurance by Bounded Exhaustive Testing

4.    Directed Test Generation using Symbolic Grammars

5.    Dynamic Test Input Generation for Web Applications

6.    A Study of Uncertainty in Software Cost and Its Impact on Optimal Software Release Time

7.    A Cognitive-Based Mechanism for Constructing Software Inspection Teams

8.    Efficient Online Schedulability Tests for Real-Time Systems

9.    Evaluating Test Suites and Adequacy Criteria Using Simulation-Based Models of Distributed System

10. Precise Interface Identification to Improve Testing and Analysis of Web Applications

11. A Methodology for Testing Intrusion Detection Systemss

12. Testing for Dependable Embedded Software

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